3 protection tips for floor polishing jobs

Thanks to the collaboration between Daevi and the Association of Polishers of Spain We have managed to meet the needs of professional polishers, who seek the recognition of quality and guarantee standards that professionalize the polishing sector.

This national association of professional polishers combines efficient and demanding representation within the sector. And they have had the experience of Daevi to know the specific products that protect the work area.

3 basic masking for floor grinding and polishing works

Among the various conversations we had with professional polishers, we detected different protection needs on surfaces adjacent to the work area. We understood that the scarce specialization in this type of process leads them to use standard protection products that do not provide all the necessary qualities.

Wall protection

One of the basic masks prior to any floor treatment is wall protection. They need a film protector that adheres perfectly to the walls and thus prevents the dust derived from the polishing from dirtying them.

Some professionals requested the film with an effective electrostatic treatment, which did not require applying adhesive tape on top.

With our Protector Film Quick Mask®, the associates verified how it is possible that a protective film adheres to a vertical wall and is fixed without using tape.

Daevi Quick Mask

This process allows them to save time in the masking process, guaranteeing that the film protection is fixed to the wall for days, thanks to its electrostatic treatment. It should not be forgotten that the corona treatment of the film also allows the dust that remains in suspension to be trapped in the micro-perforations of the film, which allows that when collecting the protector, once the work is finished, the dust is not dispersed again by the room.

film attached without tape to the wall
Quick Mask Daevi 100cm with the tape applied to the socket and unfolded upwards.

Large surface protection

Other basic masking needs are the protection of large surfaces, large equipment or facilities.

For that, at Daevi we have a variety of widths that allow us to cover from 20cm to 2.60 meters.

Among the applications that the professionals we contacted showed us, we detected that they did not know about this wide range of available protective film measures. For this reason, in many of their applications they used the standard measure of 60 or 90cm, making joints to cover larger surfaces.

film splice to cover large surfaces
Film joints with tape to cover large surfaces.

To solve this problem, our Quick Mask® 260 covers surfaces of up to 2.60 meters, saving time and material. In this application video, you can see the ease and speed of its application.

Quick base and underbody protection

Sometimes, the continuous passage of the machinery means that the film is not a completely resistant material, and extra protection is required. Some professionals asked us to supply an adhesive protection tape of a sufficient size to cover the height of the machine that they used in their polishing and polishing work.

As we observed that some surfaces to be protected, decorative baseboards or baseboards, are made of material sensitive to the adhesives of standard bodybuilder tapes, we proposed a unique solution: Large format rice paper tape: 96mm and 150mm.

This tape provides maximum protection with a delicate adhesive that prevents the adhesive from transferring to the protected surface, thus avoiding the need for subsequent cleaning upon removal.

rice paper tape in various sizes
Special widths of 96 or 150mm in the entire range of tapes

Floor treatments require specific protection products that allow professional polishers to perform a clean job so that the result is the most satisfactory, whether it be marble polishing, diamond, crystallized, polishing, concrete treatment or terrazzo polishing.

If you are a professional polisher, you can send us your queries in reference to the masking and protection process. Our technical team will give you a solution that adapts to each specific job.

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