6 exclusive benefits of the masked Quick Mask

If we ask our customers why they buy Quick Mask masking rolls, we will surely hear more of a different answer. And is that The biggest advantage that our clients have is that we adapt completely to their needs.

6 Advantages of Using Plastic with Daevi Quick Mask® Tape

  • Exclusive in-house manufacture

All the plastic rolls with tape that leave our facilities follow an exclusive production process, which we have adapted to specific customer needs.

Our production machines are specially designed for the manufacture of ambidextrous rolls, that is, opening the roll to the right and opening the roll to the left. With this we facilitate the application of the roll in the masking process to right and left handed.

  • Roll width and length customization

Our production process adapts to each client's need.

We have the manufacture of the narrowest plastic tape roll, with a width of 20cm, widely used in jobs that require masking and careful protection.

Some of our clients have special measures of width and length, thus being able to meet the needs of any professional.

  • Packaging and packaging customization

Some of our clients are large distributors and sales groups that require maintaining their brand image, which is why we offer the possibility of product customization, both in terms of branding on packaging and packaging.

  • Combination technical tapes

Innovation and constant search for needs in the sectors in which we are present, have led us to create adaptable 100% products to environmental working conditions.

We manufacture plastic rolls with special technical tapes for each surface and purpose.

We can manufacture the plastic roll with technical rice paper tape, with less adhesiveness and high resistance to extreme temperatures, it is ideal for nautical work in dry docks where the environmental conditions are usually extreme (humidity, heat, ...) and also involve work of Long duration.

  • Personalized technical assistance

Our long history in the sector has nourished us with all the technical information necessary to solve the doubts of our clients.

We provide you with all the technical information on the products involved in our production process. From the origin of the high-density polyethylene film to the adhesiveness of the tape used.

If you need any specific information, our quality department does the pertinent investigations to give you an answer.

  • Possibility of seeing the production process

We show you how we manufacture our plastic with Daevi Quick Mask® tape so that you can see first hand how we apply our quality control in each of the units produced.

In this infographic we show you these 6 advantages so that you have them in mind:

advantages daevi quick mask infographic

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