Manufacturers of surface protection and masking products since 1991


We started out in 1991, patenting the Protector Film Daevi, a technical and professional product that can be used in many industrial sectors.

Since then, Daevi has specialized in the manufacture of protection products that are used in the process of painting, repair and maintenance of surfaces and elements.

But we are not just another manufacturer. Our vision is 360º, guaranteeing that the experience of our clients is optimal from the moment they are informed about our products until they are used regularly. This translates into value-added services such as customer advice, product customization, and ongoing innovation to ensure that the Daevi experience is fully satisfactory.



The Daevi company, manufacturer and owner of the Protector Film patent with number 9200795, is born


New direction with Joan Ribot. We entered the French and Belgian market thanks to agreements with large distributors with whom we continue to count today.


We premiered in the neighboring market, Portugal.


We released the line of vehicle interior covers, especially for the automotive sector.


In the Norwegian market, our Protector Film Daevi Quick Mask begins to be distributed.


We have a new market in the easternmost area so far, Turkey.


We open a market with a lot of potential, Italy.


A booming market opens its doors to us, Romania. 

We received the PIMEC Award for the Most Competitive Company of 2010. The President of the Generalitat, Artur Mas, presents us with the award.

We incorporate the Foam Tape into the catalog to improve the masking system for professionals.


We enter some of the European markets with the most potential: United Kingdom, Germany and Austria


We launched the line of personal protection (EPIs) specific for maintenance, repair and painting professionals.


We expanded the range of Quick Mask products incorporating new technical tapes adapted to the needs of all professionals.

We launched the line of TSAR sandpaper and abrasives, incorporating the novelties in each sector.

The exclusive Temporary Protector for MAXPRO covers is released to the market with great success.

We released the MAKAPRO Adhesive Film Protector very successful in the industrial sector thanks to its ability to adapt to any surface.


We entered the nautical market and found a Daevi distributor in the Maldives.

We improve our communication channels with clients. 

We start market research in South Africa and Eastern countries like Russia and Belarus.


Daevi participates and collaborates in several local regattas, such as the TANIT Trophy or the San Patricio Route.

We opened the “Boat maintenance” group on Linkedin to create a community of professionals in the refit sector.


Daevi joins the Barcelona Clúster Nàutic and signs a collaboration agreement with the Institut Nàutic Barcelona, thus strengthening its presence in the Nautical Refit sector.

We release to the market HEATCOVER, the nautical wintering line with heat shrink film and all its accessories.

We launched the IS POLISH line of nautical polishes, especially for metal surfaces.

We began our participation in the magazine Nuestro Talleres en Comunicación as a specialist manufacturer of masking and temporary protection products.

We received the recognition of PIMEC as a company with high growth potential.


We released the MAKAPRO Adhesive Film Protector very successful in the industrial sector thanks to its ability to adapt to any surface.


We organized and inaugurated the First Refit Day together with the Barcelona Clúster Nàutic i Varador 2000, with great success, allowing us to hold a second edition.

We got the 4Helix Program award for the development of an innovative project within the Blue Economy. At the same time, we launched other innovation and technology improvement projects thanks to the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce.

Our export figure reaches 70% of the total turnover.


We collaborate with the Association of Polishers of Spain, sharing our experience in temporary protection and masking with professionals of polishing and polishing.

We organize the Second edition of the Refit Conference together with the Tecnocampus and its Eighth edition of Maritime Business, which is postponed due to the COVID-19 crisis.