Advantages of double-sided abrasive sponge

In any sanding process it is essential to carry out progressive work in order to be able to shade and equalize the piece to the maximum before painting or varnishing.

In the same way that to work the thickness of the repair we use coarse grains (P60, P80, P100 ...) that help us to remove the first layers of paint, once we have putty the vehicle we must continue sanding to level the surface. For this, we will use top grain discs (P240, P320, P400, P800) that will help us clarify the piece.

To achieve perfect finishes we will continue to use very fine grains such as P1000, P1500 or even P2000.

If we find any flaw in the paint, it is time to fix it with double-sided abrasive sponges that will help us rectify those flaws.

Let's see the advantages that we will find when using the Double Sided Abrasive Sponges.

Advantages of Double Sided Abrasive Sponges

  • Specially designed for manual sanding in the later stages. Its dimensions make it very comfortable to work manually.
  • Very flexible that helps to reach areas of difficult access (grooves, edges, grooves, ...)
  • Abrasive material on both sides that double its durability and performance.
  • It can be used dry and wet interchangeably.
  • Aluminum oxide composition that prevents premature oxidation of the piece.

How to correctly use Double-Sided Abrasive Sponges

The composition of our double-sided abrasive sponges It is Polyurethane Foam, which does not present any health risk at temperatures below 200º.

Even so, as in any sanding process, it is always recommended to follow some guidelines and have quality personal protective equipment. Some of them are:

  • Protective masks. Very important to avoid inhaling the particles that result from sanding.
  • Professional gloves. Avoiding contact with sanding dust helps infections or allergic reactions to some of the components.
  • Protective clothing. In the same way as gloves, protective divers prevent sanding dust from accessing areas of the skin.
  • Safety glasses. Prevent the suspended dust from sanding from getting into the eyes.

You can contact our sales team to solve your doubts about the possibilities of using Double-Sided Abrasive Sponges.

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