Bauhaus incorporates the Daevi brand in its catalog

bauhaus nautic and daevi

The brand BAUHAUS It introduced, more than 50 years ago, the DIY concept (Do It Yourself) with which it encouraged maintenance, repair and creativity work among handymen and DIY enthusiasts.

It has several product lines where anyone can give free rein to DIY: gardening, construction, decoration, automotive, nautical, ...

It is in this last category where BAUHAUS has wanted to include the DAEVI brand so that all its sailing clients and professionals of the nautical refit can count on quality products adapted to their protection needs.


BAUHAUS Nautic Products

Among the products offered within the line BAUHAUS Nautic we can find everything necessary for sea lovers. From anchors, security, lighting, storage, to fishing, painting and maintenance.

The Daevi products that BAUHAUS Nautic includes in its category of Boat repair accessories are the following:

Daevi Protector Quick Mask

The benchmark in surface protection that offers quick and easy application thanks to the properties of its film that allow a clean and straight cut without the need for cutting tools, and allowing the protection to be adapted to any type of surface.

Its blue tape with UV treatment guarantees that the masking process in the maintenance and repairs on the exterior of the boats does not leave adhesive residues on the surface, thus offering efficient masking.

film protector quick mask ev

Daevi Protector MAXPRO

The MAXPRO cover protector is the ideal protection for any type of floor, both for boats and interior spaces.

Its properties facilitate protection work, both for professionals and for amateurs of sailing.

  • Its waterproofness prevents liquids from reaching the deck (in many cases they are porous and sensitive materials, such as teak).
  • Its thickness and resistance guarantee that falling objects or tools do not damage the surface.
  • Its light breathability prevents moisture condensation inside, allowing it to be applied for several days or weeks (which lasts maintenance).
  • Its adhesiveness at the bottom allows it to adhere perfectly to the cover without using adhesive tapes, and without leaving any type of adhesive residue.
  • Its anti-slip treatment on the top makes it a safe protector even in areas such as stairs and ramps.

maxpro temporary protector

BAUHAUS also offers the professional cutter to make the cut easily and quickly, allowing the protector to be adapted to any shape, whether curved or straight.

protective cut maxpro

Daevi Polish IS POLISH

Within the category Boat polishesBAUHAUS includes our IS POLISH Metal Polish.

The polish that cleans and protects any element or metallic or chrome surface of the boat.

It is specially formulated for the nautical sector and protects metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze or zamak.

It is easy to apply, both manually and with a polisher.

Its application creates a protective film that helps keep the surface clean from nitrate for a longer time, and also gives off a soft and pleasant citrus smell.

boat polish




Daevi products are now a little closer to professionals and fans of boat maintenance and repair thanks to BAUHAUS.

bauhaus incorporates daevi brand

You also know the advantages of being Distributor of Daevi products in our web and offers your clients quality products from the brand specialized in temporary surface protection.



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