2016 World Motoring Heritage Year


FIVA, The International Federation of Historic Vehicles has declared 2016 as " World Motoring Heritage Year"

2016 World Motoring Heritage Year

At the end of January, FIVA  "Fédération Internationale Vehicules Anciens" declared that 2016 as World Motoring Heritage Year. This year this non-profit federation with partners and representatives in 64 countries, celebrates its 50 anniversary as well. 

Patrick Rollet, FIVA's president says: "At a time when new technology and autonomous cars are poised to change the face of motoring forever, you only need look at the similarly dramatic shift in transport at the end of the 19th Century – when horses were almost entirely replaced by motor vehicles – to see a vibrant future for classic cars as recreational vehicles. Indeed, there are some startling parallels between the environmental crisis of the 1800s, and the challenges facing the motor industry today "

The automobile has marked the evolution of our society since its first models till the modern vehicles we have today. 

We welcome new technologies, new safe systems and eco-vehicle investigation to make the driving a safe and environmentally non-harmful pleasure.  

However, we do not want to forget the history of automotive as predecessor of our today's life. and we agree to preserve and let know this history.  

We like the nostalgious and glamorous old car and we are fond of new self-driving models like this Apple vehicle. 

old car apple car

During this year main car manufacturers will participate in celebration symposiums and event. 

Daevi  keeps an eye on maintenance and repaint of your vehicle offering consumable products to autobody shops to get the best coat finish.   

Who knows if your today's car will be exhibited as classical car tomorrow... We help you your car looks fantastic! 

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