Do you really know the advantages of Quick Mask®?


A product that you know since time ago, but, do you really know all its advantages ?

Do you really know the advantages of Quick Mask®?

Do you know that Daevi is the company which invented the Masking Film? Yes, it did it. Daevi is the owner of patent number 9200795.

This fact give us the leading position as specialists in this product. We always opt for innovation.   

Our Brand Quick Mask® have positioned us at the head in masking field. 

We choose carefully best raw materials to ensure Premium quality in all our products. 

Each order is prepared according to client’s requirements. As suppliers we rigorously control and trace production, delivery and aftersales service. 

Probably you are using this product for long time, but do you really know their advantages?   Take note:Advantages Quick Mask

Now, when you buy Daevi Quick Mask, you'll be sure you're buying quality.

  Whenever you need more information about our products, you can contact our team of advisors HERE.

Published in 8/10/2015 on AUTOMOTIVE


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