AIRLANDER 10, the future is here


Airlander 10 joins best features of an helicopter, a blimp and an airplane for this super-air vehicle.

AIRLANDER 10, the future is here

British company Hybrid Air Vehicles has developed this innovative aircraft that convines better features for an efficient flight. 

This is the largest aircraft currently flying ( 92 meters lenght). It can stay airborne for up to five days at a time if manned, and for over 2 weeks unmanned thanks to the building materials and design.

It is a environmental care aircraft, as Airlander 10 pollutes 70% less than a usual commercial plane. It can carry 10 MT of cargo, so it will be a good solution in commercial and military sectors. 

This future aircraft can take off and land as helicopters do ( vertically ), so it is not necessary to take off or land from an airport. Airlander can arrive to any point of the world, as it can land on the ground, on the water and on iced surface as well. 

Daevi Aeronautics follows this technological project and defends investigation for development of environmental non-pollution machines and systems. 

Daevi supplies special and legally approved masking tapes for aircraft paint and maintenance. 

Airlander 10 flyes softly and silently, we show you on this demo video.  

Published in 29/3/2016 on AERONAUTICS



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