Auto body Experts become teachers.


Daevi admires proffessional people, who want transmit their knowledge to young generation. We have found one of them: Jordi Bonal.

Auto body Experts become teachers.

Jordi Bonal, experto profesional en carrocería con más de 30 años de profesión da un nuevo enfoque a su carrera hacia la enseñanza. Actualmente está en periodo de formación para poder acceder a esta nueva etapa de su vida laboral Jordi Bonal, expert in auto body with more than 30 years of experience gives a new approach to his career towards education. Nowadays he is in training period to accede to teach pupils in ………………

DAEVI:We admire your decision to re-focus your career to education after so many years as a auto body painter. What did motivate you to think about such a change of profession?

 J.B.: To be honest, at the beginning, I was simply bored to do always the same things. That feeling created the necessity of thinking and I had some dialogues with myself trying to discover a new way to look at the future. My thoughs and reflections brough me to the education. I released that most liked me was training pupils when they were in our car body shop during the practice period. What I want to do and I think I can do is transmit to others what I learned from master technicians and mainly from my father. 

DAEVI: You began working in auto body shop in your youth. How do you live the automotive evolution?  

J.B.: When I began working, there were “usual” situations that noadays can seem surreal. Car was the most valued and loved object in a medium class family. It was treated as a jewel, as it cost a lot of money.  I can say that, during some past years, the Spanish old vehicle SEAT 600 cost more than a house. Now the vision about family car has changed, it is enough to hang about the streets to discover that most vehicles are somewhere damaged, have dents or evident signals of a car crash which are not going to be repaired, sometimes because of economical motive, but also because family car has lost its valued status.  We, the people working in auto body shops, have passed from being heroes to villains. 

On the other hand, fortunately there has been an evolution concerning tools and materials that allows working easier, safer and faster. Continuous training and specialized courses along with this improvement in materials have contributed definitely in a exceptional improvement in coat finishing.  

DAEVI:¿Do you ever miss any good practise from the past?  Which improvements do you see in present body shop work system? (after sales service, materials, staff knowledge and training )… and what do you think is still missing to advance towards a  correct way?

 J.B.: If I consider my regards, I would say that I miss all.  But, in fact, that’ s not true. Nowadays there are many positive aspects that I have to consider, a better general and specialized training opportunities for example. Concerning environment respect and security habits, we have done a giant step. Waiting time till vehicle is repaired are reasonable for customers and for body shop also waiting time for required pieces is considerably shorter.

However, I want  mark  that I consider there is a very importnat aspect we are mistaken. Prepper and painter aprentices should have the possibility of working in the body shop without “producing”.  In the past, my generation and the previous one, learned by observing the work of the masters, owners or senior painters in the body shops and listening to their wise explanations.


DAEVI: At present you are stuying and making the necessary steps in training to become a trainer. Which are your expectaions in short?

 J.B.: I expect to finish my training period end May 2015. Afterwards, I have to obtain the Proffessional Certification “ Teaching Status for Vocational Training Proffessionals” I expect to have it in November 2015.  After November, with these tittles and 32 years of experience as body painter, I hope to have the chance to began my career as a teacher.


DAEVI: In VTI ( Vocational Training Institutes ) , do you think that pupils receive enough information about different products , market novelties, etc?  

 J.B.:  In VTI pupils receive complete information about those products which belong to those Brands with whom Education department or Institutes have signed agreements. About other brands existing pupils have less information, firstly because lack of agreement with institutions and secondly because it is almost impossible to give information about the whole options, brands and assortments. Even professional painters with many years of experience cannot know about all products and their choose many times is determined by the brand representatives who visit them.  


DAEVI:  You have taken pupils in practice period in your body shop sometimes. Do you think that they have enough practice hours and they are good motivated to learn

 J.B.: Well… yes and no.  If I start from the point that we have to learn every day for all our life, I consider that pupils need more practice hours, but mainly because there is a structural conflict between institute task and real working world. I explain, from my point of view institutes exist to give knowledge and sometimes the educational institutions does not know absolutely the day by day work and real problems in a body shop. And body shop workers have deadline to finish work and few time to teach.  I emphasize the enthusiasm and passion of young aprentices, which is the real value and what makes sense of all training process.




DAEVI: Some young people have emigrated in last times looking for better opportunities in foreign countries.   ¿How do you forecast the future of young auto painters?  

J.B.:  In my opinion, maybe I am wrong, I am not completely sure about better opportunities for body painters abroad. In car paint and repair Spain is in the vanguard because of long tradition and touch of genius.

Referring the future, I don not think that automotive sector has better or worse omen than other sectors. We are in very changing global era and we have to be capable to adapt to changes.  But it is sure that learning as most as possible will make the way less difficult.  


 DAEVI: As a future teacher, what do you think about the present educational system in Spain?

 J.B.: A though has come to me.  When I mix colours and check result and see the grade of resemblance with the vehicle original colour, and I am not convinced about resulting colour because it is not exactly the same, I wonder: Which colour I have to add to improve result? And… if I have not a clear conclusive response, I say that colour is ok then.  The same situation occurs to me concerning educational system. I think that surely there are aspects, procedures  and many things that could change to improvement, but when I try to imagine how or what, I cannot see the way to reach these dreamed improvement, so I it must be that we are doing well.  Teachers are good and honest professionals, equipment and facilities are better than even in some body shops and classroom pace seems well adapted to pupil’s ages. May be I fuse the first degree course and the second one in a unique title, as the first one nowadays has little value indeed.

I am actually looking forward to teach. I feel that I have to do it , not only to tech how to paint but also instil a good atitude to work and transmit that in a certain way repair is craft, where a lot of sensations are involved, when beginning the reparation of a vehicle, it talks to you, it is necessary to observe and listen to what car is saying to you, just you have to understand its language.


Thank you Jordi for your participation in our Blog and for the time you have given to us. We wish you luck and brilliant future as a teacher.


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