Auto body pupils shorten 80cm a Volkswagen


The vehicle (Volskwagen Golf) has been reassembled from zero by the pupils of VTI Coroso in Galicia (Spain).

Auto body pupils shorten 80cm a Volkswagen

Future autobody prepers and painters, which are studying in Proffessional Training Institute “Coroso”,  have rebuild a VW Golf shortening it in 80cm according to instructions given by their teacher.


Teacher challenged students with this prowess, which they have realized during 2 years to demonstrate that there are no impossible challenges. 

Process began by dismanting completely mechanics and electronicas and dividing the car body in two parts. 

After that, they replaced the shaft and welded the chassis and structures again.  Mechanics and electronics were re-assembled with this unique car as a result.

When vehicle was shortened, main difficulty was concerned to glass measures of new car windows, whose measures are not standard and they did not found glasses which fit with these unusual measures.  

Nonetheless, they finished a well-made work, which will be presented this week in the local educational fair Segunda Feira da Educación de Ribeira, according to newspaper Voz de Galicia.


Thanks to teachers like Salvador it is possible students to face new challenges that allow show student’ s potential. 

Published in 23/4/2015 on AUTOMOTIVE


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