DAEVI EVENTS ¿Do you want to participate?


This week we are pleased to open Daevi Events. A physical professional meeting point.

DAEVI  EVENTS ¿Do you want to participate?

During 2015 Daevi has been building a virtual community, where paint specialists find a place to talk and expose their opinions.

Now, we want to take a step forward by means of creation a physical place, where we want to invite professional people to meet and have personal talks in a relaxed atmosphere.


¿What are The DAEVI EVENTS?

DAEVI EVENTS are meeting rounds where participants talk and let us know about their projects, achievements, and point of view in relation to Autorefinish. We trust in people and try to humanize our sector showing the face of those professional people who make an art of this profession.   

This week we have opened Daevi EVENTS session with Marc, a young promising student, who won the Bronze at WorldSkills Spain in the category of Automotive Paint. David, his form-master has attended meeting too.


 daevi events


We hope you like this new initiative.  Of course, we invite all of you, who are professionals and specialists in Automotive and AutoBodyshop business to have a talk in a new Daevi Event with whom you want to share the meeting table. 

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