DAEVI gives support to technology and underwater research.


Daevi sponsor of Ictineu3. We have contributed in the building of this innovative submarine.

DAEVI gives support to technology and underwater research.

Ictineu3 is a submarine built entirely in Spain. It can immerse at 1.200 meters depth with capacity for three crew members.

This submarine has been created as public service for the underwater sea investigation.

It is expected that Ictineu3 could track approximately 50% of Mediterranean seabed. Wonderful news, if we consider that at present we know only about 2% - 5% of the global underwater sea.

It can be said that we know better the Mars surface that our own underwater world!

First immersion tests were done last April, obtaining positive results. We are proud to show you how was the first immersion of Ictineu3.

We want you to know about this interesting and useful project for scientific development.

 You can find further information on website www.ictineu.net

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