Daevi Marine collaborates in cleaning the Seas.


Daevi Marine has made our contribution in a project for the Sea cleaning which has been though from Mallorca ( Balearic islands).

Daevi Marine collaborates in cleaning the Seas.

Daevi Marine is commited to keep the Ocean clean. We always support clever and interesting projects like this one on which we are actively collaborating now. el Seabin Project.

Some time ago, we always talked to you on artículo del Ocean Clean Up about a big project which for the protection of the seas and oceans.

Now we want to show a new project, not so big but very efficient to maintain ports and marinas in good level of clean.

The Seabin Project is really a genial invention though by Australian entrepreneurs and developed in Mallorca.  

It is like a marine bin that floats on water surface. Meanwhile it introduces some quantities of water in its interior  By this way all plastics, oil floating stains and rubbish are dragged down. The interior filter block the rubbish in the bin interior and clean water goes free away.

The only thing to do is collect the bin filter from time to time and change it for a clean one.

See the illustration:

how works?

We hope that by our cash contribution and this article we can help to make this project prosper.

We also invite you to know more about this on the following video and we encourage you to participate and collaborate in the project like we have already done. 

Published in 3/12/2015 on MARINE


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26 feb., 2016 15:03:15

Congratulations, with this initiative, we are based in Murcia, Spain, and we are telling others about your initiative and entreprenurial talent to inspire others towards a free plastic sea ! in touch www.vitaxxi.com

Daevi SL

29 feb., 2016 10:05:42

Thank you, we appreciate you spread this initiative. Daevi is always commited to environmental care and clever ideas and projects.

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