Everybody can drive a submarine


One of most admired presentations in Monaco Boat Show was the Deep Flight Dragon. Do you know why?

Everybody can drive a submarine

Deep Flight Dragon is the easiest submarine to pilote, say their creators.

Manufacturer wants to offer easy navigation much more intuitive without need of being and expert or sail with the help of an ingeneer.

Training period is included in the submarine price.

deep flight

Driving this craft is similar to flight sensation.

 Thanks to positive buoyancy, no drop weights and other features, Dragon brings safe underwater exploration.

An advanced software emergency system will take the control if necessary.

It weights 1.800kg and 5 metres lengh. Capacity for two people.

 There are not complicated control panels, just to controls are enough to underwater sail and enjoy.

This is an ideal complement to complete yacht accessories. It only needs an hydraulic crane, as a simply jet sky.

 Innovation has no bounders and clever machines like this are the demonstration. 

deep flight


Published in 15/10/2015 on MARINE


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