Is it a car?¿Is it a plane? No, it is AeroMobil


AeroMobil launches its flying car version 3.0 Aeromobil has informed that new model will be on the roads and in the sky in two or three years.

Is it a car?¿Is it a plane? No, it is AeroMobil

Henry Ford already said in 1940, "Mark my words: A combination of airplane and motorcar is coming: you may smile, but it will come" 

AeroMobil has made this words comes into reality. In 1990 Aeromobil began working in the first pre-prototype Aeromobil 2.0, finished in 2010. Now has surprised us with last model 3.0, which has been put to flight testing with positive results.

It is expected that first orders of limited edition of aeromobil 3.0 will be taken in 2016. It is recommended that pilot-drivers have Private Pilot License (PPL), however company expects that  Sport Pilot License (SPL) will be sufficient.  

We suppose that a complete instruction manual and detailed specifications will be issued to well understanding of control panel.


For the road operation, standard car driving license is required.

About its price is still nothing confirmed, but figures will be several hundreds of thousand euros.

As a car it fits into any standard parking space, uses regular gasoline and will reach 160km/h. As a plane it can reach 200km/h.

We show you video for you to have areflexion about what humans are capable to create:

It is sure that Aeromobil is developing this project with most qualified staff and using best materials for building. We do not doubt that when authorized bodyshops receive first maintenance and repaint requests Daevi’ s consumables could be there.   

Published in 25/3/2015 on AERONAUTICS



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