Spain Skills from the inside


David Borruel is the tutor and trainer of the Spain Skills Bronze winner in the category of autobody paint. He is telling us about this amazing experience.

Spain Skills from the inside

If you wonder how young competitors live this competition, you cannot miss this article, personally written by David Borruel for our Blog.


Last May Marc Godoy, student in VTI “Salesians Sant Vicenç dels Horts” competed in Spain Skills in the 36th category – auto body paint.   He wined the Bronze.

Before competing in the final round of Spain Skills, he had to compete the year before in Catalonia Cat Skills, the regional competition.

These kind of competition requires hard work and preparation. It is necessary to essay the different competition phases and tests. The competitor needs to know new materials, new products and the right way to apply them.

On the other hand, the Catalonian Government Teaching Department joins all the participants, who represent Catalonia, before their leaving to Madrid for the official competition. All participants live together for a weekend to know each other and create a team and friendly atmosphere among the young competitors.

The same kind of meeting is organized for the tutors/trainers, but only for one day.

Competition is celebrated in 2 IFEMA pavilions (Madrid) during 5 days.  

Inside the pavilions there are different stands for every skill category.

On the first day of competition the organizers show us the place and it is made the event presentation. From the second to the 4th competition days, all tests and practice exercises are made.  The 5th day is reserved to closing ceremony and medal gifts.

spain skills

The three competition tests days were the most intense. We were 16 competitors in our category and we had 21 hours to make the different paintworks.  (Theorical test, Colorimetry, Car Bonnet aerography, bumper painting …).

There are some tests and practical works every day, so I and my pupil revised the steps and things to do for the next day at night when we arrived at our hotel.  During three days the competition only takes a break to eat and to sleep. .

As a trainer, I was very nervous because it was not allowed to me to talk with Marc during competition. Sometimes I saw that it was better to do some steps in other way or he was not control in the time left for the test… and I could not to give him proper advice or say a word.

On the other side, I am very happy to have lived from the inside this huge competition. Talking to other teachers-trainers, contrasting work methods has enriched me very much.  There are respect and collaboration team spirit, and it is a very nice experience for all of us, students and trainers.

I want to make a special mention to all people, who has supported us. The Institute administration manager, Eva Aguiló, the Institute director and to all colleagues in metal department, who have been substituting me in my class hours during the competition week.

I am grateful to their whatsapp messages encouraging us every day.

The Skills competition required great effort with no material compensation, but I would repeat these days without doubt.

David Borruel


spain skills

Daevi team trusts in dedicated professional people like David, who gives all their best in favour of the young students a our future hope.

DAEVI supports interesting and good initiatives helping and offering professional products for auto body refinish.


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