We interview Adrià Valencia, a young prepper and spray painter, who decided to pack his luggage and start a new challenge in United Kingdom due to the lack of interesting work opportunities in his mother country.


Nowadays he is working airbrush painter in an outstanding workshop specialized in custom design and paint work for bikes.

In spite of his youth, his resume is plenty of experience and knowledge.


Good morning Adrià!  Thank you for having a talk with us.

Professionally, how do you describe yourself?


¿Why did you decide to live in United Kingdom?:

I have always been a passionate of bikes and I love working closer to customer. I am happy when I think that I am contributing in transform in reality a customer’ s dream. 

I am very satisfied when, after weeks or even months of hard working, bike owner smiles and takes pictures of his new “toy”, that sometimes are published on specialized journals, mentioning the good work of workshop staff.

Spain is suffering the effects of the economical crisis and automotive and custom design are affected by this difficult period. A job as a professional spray painter is not easy to find nowadays. I though that it was the right moment to try my luck abroad. 


Can you explain us why it is a need for young people to leave their city or country to have the chance of becoming a good profesional? What is happening here?

Every country is different and in order to become a reputed specialist it is necessary hard working actitude and learn from other professionals.
I think that in Spain there are a lot of good specialized car painters, airbrushers. They are usually very versatile and they are enthusiastic to share and teach their knowledge.

However, I have noted that lately workshop owners and high level professionals suffers for low motivation or lack of time to invest in teaching.

I admire the British working and enterprise philosophy. People can often find better work opportunities and go from one company to another improving their skills and knowledge.

 This fact allows that people gains in experience in few years.


It was difficult for you to get a job, which were your “strong” skills?:

To be honest, I sent my resume from Spain.  I received answer from a bike workshop offering me the possibility to start working in paint section.  After some time living and working in England, I noted that country was in a better situation than in Spain we were, and job possibilities were attractive for me.  I made some job interviews and finally I decided to start working in the bike workshops, where I am working now. My video- resume was highly valued by the managers along with my knowledge about new trends and urban art.

Company is well-known by its quality, so customers look for something special. There are even customers, who ask for a day off in order to see how we paint their bikes. Clients like being well informed about all the process and le tus to advise them

Is the professional knowledge similar in Spain and in England? And… What about technical resources?

Here, we are 7 painters, 3 of us are British. In general, I would say that my British colleagues prefers not to touch nothing before the correspondent educational course or technical intructions.

I most like  and I am in favor of progression essay-effect. In brief, I prefer Spain referring technical quality and consider that other European countries have better  equipment, and materials.


Do you think that car tuning and custom design are appreciated in the same way in both countries?

Obviously it depends on every sector, but in Spain car tuning died because of vehicle worthiness tests restrictions and requirements, which are sever, and because of fashion changes.  But I have been always dealing with bikes, mainly  Harley, Cafe Racers, Norton, BSA, Royal, Enfield, Triumph, etc.

Passionate drivers of these classical bikes have similar demands about design all over the world. 


What is most appreciated generally by your customer? Do they look for creativity or technical specialization?:
I think that there is not a general rule about that. Here, in England, it is demanded the mixture of classical design and faultless quality.

On the contrary, in Spain, Italy or France sometimes quality is not so appreciated and customers ask for adjusted prices or a concrete design.  


According to you principle, do you look for high quality products or you are satisfied with standard products?

 I am very lucky because I work in a chain of 4 workshops, so responsible for purchasing usually buy important quantities of materials and there is a good stock. No product is missing in the warehouse and I can choose the paint and tools. Moreover, currency exchange is favourable for us in England comparing with price in Euro.


Are special and high quality products easy to find in the market or is it necessary to go to very specialized shops?:

In England it is very usual to buy products on-line and there is a good net of distribution and delivery to final customer. Prices are not very different from ones in other European countries. 



Thank you Adrià for showing us the world of bike customization through your experience on this field.

We wish you success in your career.  See you soon, may be in Spain next time.   

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