Tapes are taking the podium


Choose best option to obtain an excellent protection. We show you our tapes at the Podium to help you in choosing most suitable tape for you.

Tapes are taking the podium

Since 1925, when a 3M’s employee with visión invented the crepe Tape, masking tape has become an essential item in repaint and refit jobs. Nowadays, thanks to raw materials development and new technologies, we have a range of masking tapes specially designed for different applications.

Sometimes the usual crepe masking tape is not enough when we know that other kind of tapes offer better features mainly when repaint and finish job is done in hard conditions. Hard conditions that boat and yacht painters find on the shipyard very often.

Extreme cold or hot temperatures, humidity and saltpeter are not elements in favour.

It is normally recommended to take off the creppe masking tape 3-4 hours after painting to avoid tape gets dump or leaves adhesive residue.

Fortunately we have now smart solutions to solve these problems!
There are innovative tapes that assure a clean, easy and perfect masking job.

We are glad to show you the tapes that deserve a Podium position:

  • Gold position we award to Masking Tape Rice Paper (180º). High temperatures and sun rays will not be a problem any more if you need to work outside. Is also waterproof and very resistant to climate agents, so masking tape Rice paper keeps its good conditions during long periods of time. Do not worry if you leave tape on masked surface after two or three months no residue will be left

  • Silver position is for Masking Tape UV (120º). Suitable for exterior masking jobs. 1 month guaranteed without loosing its adherence and good condition. Thanks to its features, Masking Tape UV can be applied on surfaces exposed to direct sun-rays or when humidity levels are high and after taking off the tape not residue is left on the boat hull, deck or tent structure.

  • Bronze position we give to Crepe Masking Tape (80º) Usually is prefereable to use the previous described tapes, but sometimes when high protection is not needed or the paint job only takes 5-10 hours the application of crepe masking tape is enough without taking risk of finding any residue after taking the tape off.

Always the surface to mask must be CLEAN. Specks of dust can make the tape to lose adhesivity. We recommend to use Polytex Towel.

Now, you already know our tapes better, you just have to try them!

Ask us for further information HERE. We will reply within 24-48 hours. 

Published in 17/9/2015 on MARINE


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