The sea line of Aston Martin


Aston Martin is making a range of speedboats.

The sea line of Aston Martin

We found in Dailymail article that bring us from Aston Martin Company.

That's good news for sea&supercars lovers.

Aston Martin makes a luxury car and  speedy boat mix. It's really gorgeous.

'We need to open our world to water,' Aston Martin design director Marek Reichman said.

The AM37 yacht will enter production later 2015.

There will be two versions of the boat: the standard AM37, and the sportier AM 37.

It is a 'gran turismo' leisure craft which boasts sculpted wood and hand-stitched leather.

The interior will feature a high-definition touch screen that can be worked with buttons, remote control, or voice commands. 

There will be two captains chairs and a wrap-around bench set to accommodate 8 people to take along for the journey.

Reichman said it was created in accordance with the brand's 'heart over mind' approach to creative design, a philosophy that has led to some of the most arresting sports cars in the world.

'It takes inspiration from car models the world hasn't seen yet,' Reichman told the BBC.

'That's one of the reasons why this boat will have such longevity.'

It has a sculpted stern, which resembles the rear of modern Aston Martin cars.

Another distinctive feature is the deck, which opens to cover the open space for a seamless path onto the vessel. 

Once on-board it quietly slides back to expose the whole interior.  

'It's a balance of beauty and engineering. The same principles apply here as they do to cars.'

Mariella Mengozzi, chief executive of Quintessence Yachts, the Dutch manufacturer building the boats, said: "Quintessence was selected specifically to translate Aston Martin's design language into an 'innovative concept in the yachting world'.

Dutch naval was in charge to create the carbon composite structure to ensure car-like comfort and performance.

The boats will be made in Southampton, in the south of England.

We could see the AM37 at the Monaco Yacht Show in September. Since then, we show you some pictures of the new Aston Martin's Yatch.

Aston Martin controls


Aston Martin yatch


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