We interview Yeray, competitor at World Skills 2015


In this new session of Daevi Events we have a talk to the GOLD MEDAL WINNER of Spain Skills 2015 in the category of Autobody Repair. He travelled to Brasil to compete at World Skills en Sao Paulo.

We interview Yeray, competitor at World Skills 2015

Santiago Cuélliga, his trainer and teacher is also with us. Yeray Pargaña is a student in VTI Mollet and Gold Medal winner of Spain Skills 2015 in the category of auto body. He got pass to International Competition World Skills celebrated last August in Sao Paulo. At this worldwide competition Yeray got 450 points, finishing on 19th position.


interview WorldSkills


  • Who, Yeray and Santiago, decided to propose competing at SpainSkills?

Santi made this proposal to me and other two schoolmates about participating at Cat Skills, the regional competition, where are chosen some competitors to pass to National competition Spain Skills.  

We were training for the event during 3 weeks and when training period finished, we voted for the best of our-self, we decided that I should compete.  After winning CatSkills, we went for SpainSkills.

  • Yeray, what do your family and friends say about this award?

They are all very proud of me and encourage me to continue learning by this way.

  • Yeray, Have you received any professional offer after the awards?

I have received some invitations from companies and workshops to meet me, but I have still not a fix project.

Taking part of World Skills has not the same relevance here than in other countries.. For example, the boy from Japan who wined the gold in auto body repair knew that he had a job firm offer to work in Toyota when competition finished.

  • Which are your immediate plans now?

I love automotive since I was a child. I like repair jobs and I am a follower of TV programs about vehicle repair and restoration.

Now I want to start working to gain experience and  I am conscious that I must continue learning not to be out-dated.

In the future, I’d like to have my own auto restoration workshop.

After having competed in SpainSkills and WorldSkills, What do you think about skills and knowing level required on both competitions and general differences between them?  

Mainly the support received by private companies. Economical support, products and resources mark the difference among teams from every country.

There are many teams, who compete by the hand of big companies, who give them best tools and some companies even offered 6 months training period.

We had less support and no so long training period.

Motivation is a plus. At WorldSkills many competitors knew that if they won first positions, they will get a job contract for working in some outstanding automotive companies, where they can improve their skills and have the chance to build up a successful career.

Without doubt, it is an extra motivation.


I must say that the tests at WorldSkills are hard and not much realistic in a usual workshop. For this reason, students, who come from vocational training institutes, as I do, do not have the same opportunity to win as other boys/girls who come to WorldSkills technically best backed up.


  • Santiago, now you already know how works and the role of trainers, competitors, judges and sponsors in other countries. What do you think that it is necessary to “Re-consider” concerning the present learning and training institutes?

Unfortunately, here there is a lack of advanced equipment and training programs for us to know about these innovative techniques and equipment. We are out-dated in this sense.

During the competition, there were some teams really ready to use the last and most modern technology. They knew perfectly the machines and tools, so they could optimize and shorten the process time.

Most of their support comes directly from private companies. However, in Spain most companies still do not have this policy and philosophy about the importance of a proper training.


Thank you Yeray and Santiago for explaining your experience at this competition that tries to promote the skills of e young people. We hope that this interview contributes to encourage young students to participate on this or similar competitions and to trust in their talent.

Daevi tries to let you know about people, who tries becoming outstanding professionals in their careers and not leaving their enthusiasm for learning and who are automotive passionate.

Daevi supplies high quality products to these professionals to collaborate in achieving a good finish and consequently being satisfied with their job.  

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