We open DAEVI EVENTS sessions with the winner Bronze at Spain Skills 2015 in Automotive Paint category


We have opened Daevi EVENTS session with Marc Manel Godoy, a young promising student at Salesians Vocational Institute settled in Sant Vicenç dels Horts ( Barcelona-Spain).

We open DAEVI EVENTS sessions with the winner Bronze at Spain Skills 2015 in Automotive Paint category

Marc has the winner of Bronze at Spain Skills 2015 in Automotive Paint. He has come with his trainer and mentor David Borruel, who is being teacher in Salesians VTI for 25 years. 

D: Marc, Who has taken the initiative to participate in Spain Skills 2015?

Marc: It was a David’s idea. He made me the proposal and then I though that it was a good opportunity and it was time to take the chance.

D: David, Why did you choose Mark to participate?

David: The Institute management is who decide to participate or not at Spain Skills. I can, as a teacher, choose the student that can do best and who I consider that can be trained and be ready for the competition.

I discussed my decision to choose Marc with the rest of teachers and members of Auto Metal Dept. and there was general agreement.  Marc has good general skills for autopaint. Moreover, I was looking for a person with high control of his temper and capable to keep the nerves in check, like Marc.  I think that keep calm is basic in competition and the knowledge and skills, of course.  


D: Marc, What was the main motive to accept the proposal of Salesians and compete?

I think that it was a chance that I could not refuse. I wanted to face this challenge, learn, know people who like the same as me.  


Marc Godoy


D: Mark, how has the prize affected to you professionally?

The main benefit is the motivation to continue learning and training my skills, because I know that I am good at this and I like it.  

D: After dose of recognition, What are your plans for the future?

Studying more, I do not plan to work immediately. I want to finish the Automotive  Second Degree As I already have some knowledge about auto refinish, I would like to do an initiation course in mechanics and then decide which of both ambits I like more.  

D: After becoming a Bronze winner, What do your relatives and friends say to you?

They congratulate me and encourage me to continue, because they trust in me and know that I can reach my goals.

D: David, this has been the first time that a student of Salesians competes in Spain Skills competition… And you already conquered the podium. Do you plan participating on other competitions?

We are not going to compete in other automotive paint shows, but we want to compete again in the next Spain Skills edition, and may be not only in Auto Paint but also in other categories.





D: David, ¿Which difficulties did you find?

Well, it is a very concrete training. Marc did different practical exercises from other students. We focused to compete.  Some processes had to be refreshed or he never before had learned because lack of proper materials, lack of time or simply because not all is included in the educational official programme.

D: Marc, What or who are you keen on?

I really like TV programs about automotive maintenance and restoration like Gas Monkey of Discovery Max channel.


David Borruel: trainer, teacher , consultant and almost big brother for your pupils.  

D: Which is the major satisfaction in teaching every day?

When I find ex students on the street and they give me thanks for teaching them and for the time we passed together. And when they say to me that now they have the job they want thanks to having studied what they wanted.


D: ¿Which is your personal method to explain students how to effect a right repair for them to understand and see?

I try to adapt the official programme to the aptitude and skills of every student.

I usually give different duties to every student according to his/her capability, understanding of subjects and helping them to amend their mistakes. In general they learn at their own pace.


D: What do you require to product suppliers ?

I like to be informed about novelties. I appreciate to be informed about right use and step by step of new products. It is very important that products supplied comply with high standards of quality.

When students finish the VT Institute courses, I must to be sure and satisfied of my work Turing the training and learning period, as from no won they have to be competitive in a every day most demanding labour market. 

D: Thank you very much for having accepted our invitation in Daevi. You know that we are always here for helping in what you need. We wish you much success.


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