Characteristics of the plastic with Quick Mask tape

plastic with tape

To proceed with a good masking, your best ally is to have a product that facilitates the processes. We present the elements of the plastic roll with tape called Daevi Quick Mask.

electrostatic film: It is a high density polyethylene film. It contains features that allow the cut to be made vertically and horizontally with the fingers, without having to add any tools. The film has electrostatic treatment, this allows it to adhere to the surface very easily, in this way you will save time with the placement.

The film has the corona treatment; It consists of microholes that allow the paint spray to be retained on its surface so that it does not slip.

crepe tape: Also called masking tape or painter's tape. This tape is integrated into the film to save you a step in the masking process. It would be called 2 in 1.

The Daevi Quick Mask tape supports temperatures up to 80ºC. At Daevi, we manufacture the plastic roll with specific tapes. Some of them support up to more than 100ºC without peeling off during the process and when removing, they do not leave adhesive residue on the surface. High-resistance tape stands out from the Japanese rice paper tape or the so-called washi and the blue UV tape, very suitable for leaving exposed outside.

Inner tube: It seems to be an element that stands out little, but its importance is great and now you will see why. First of all, it is important to inform that the paper is ecological and recyclable. This tube is designed so that your index finger can be inserted to prevent you from using the dispenser. Also, being shorter than the length of the roll allows for extreme comfort when carrying it up and down while in use. Ideal to place it in the professional's pocket without creating discomfort.

plastic outer bag: It prevents the roll from getting dirty or dusty, in this way the product does not lose its properties. Bag that we can customize with your brand.

Other features to highlight: The plastic roll with tape can be manufactured so that the opening is from left to right or vice versa. All this designed for left-handers and to facilitate certain applications.

It is very common to use the plastic with tape in the masking of vehicles. To make and ensure a good cut in curves that the body presents, it is highly recommended to use the Daevi's cutter-blade. It is specially designed so that cutting is easy, precise and comfortable from any angle and position and in an ambidextrous way.

We offer different sizes so you can choose the ideal one for your work. From 35 cm to 260 cm.