duct tape

The American tape It is one of the best known and most versatile adhesive tapes.

It is a repair band composed of 3 layers: The upper part, which is normally colored Metallic gray, is made with polyethylene. In the center one mesh very resistant (different categories can be found) of natural fibers intertwined with each other; and the third is the adhesive.

Its origin dates back to 1942, at the end of the Second World War, but it arrived in Spain in the 1980s.

It was invented by a woman, the American vesta stoudt. In the middle of the world war he was working packing boxes of artillery ammunition, he realized that the boxes cost a lot to open for the soldiers who could not waste time. Stoudt proposed sealing the boxes with a strong, waterproof adhesive tape that was easy to cut by hand. Finally he carried out his project with the Johnson and Johnson company. As we advanced before, the American tape is very versatile, but from its beginnings. It was used during the war to repair weapons, military equipment, aircraft, and even to pack wounds.

Duct tape is well known as a quick fix. It is applied to carry out repairs, fix ducts in the industrial or domestic environment. It is resistant to extreme temperatures and traction.

The American tape initially it was green. It was changed to gray tape, as we currently know it, because in the 1950s it was widely used for installations and repairs of centralized air conditioning and heating systems and the gray / silver color was the most similar to these ducts.

Currently it can be manufactured in other colors, it is also well known in the market in black, transparent and white.

During the 1980s, it was introduced in Spain as a result of the construction of the nuclear reactor in Cofrentes (Valencia). The technology was directed by American technicians who demanded the American tape, called at the time and by them as Nashua 357. It was manufactured and began to be marketed in Spain with duct tape name by its origin, and so on until today.

in Daevi we have the American tape directed to satisfy the needs of our clients and of different sectors. From small repairs at the domestic level, for DIY to multiple applications in industrial, construction, automotive facilities, support for aeronautical, railway and even in the field of nautical blasting.

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