Covid prevention products


We inaugurate our new web section of products Anti-Covid  aimed especially at professionals, companies and businesses looking for prevention products against Covid.

At Daevi, as specialists in surface protection, we have also wanted to do our bit to make this new normal a simpler and safer job for everyone.

The 3 basic rules for good Covid prevention

Taking into account the 3 basic rules to keep viruses away, Daevi offers the necessary protection for good prevention:

1.Use of mask. Conversations in closed spaces and for more than 15 minutes are the main routes of infection, so the mask is the best ally against exposure to the virus. In our catalog you will find advanced masks, specifically PPE, so their effectiveness is very high.

self-filtering mask

2. Constant cleaning of hands. Contact with contaminated surfaces is also a source of infection, so to avoid it it is necessary to maintain good and repeated hand hygiene. For that we put at your disposal the Daevi Quick Gel, a pedal hydro-alcoholic gel dispenser that allows safe and effective cleaning. We explain more about this device in our BLOG.

foot pedal gel dispenser

3. Social distance. Keeping 2 meters away from others is an effective way to avoid contagion. In social distance we cannot help you, you are the only one who can carry it out.

social distance


What does Daevi offer for effective protection against Covid?

At Daevi, we are specialists in the protection of surfaces, therefore, many of our products are also useful against the protection and prevention of Covid infections.

Protective films

Our Quick Mask, in addition to protecting against paint, dirt and other staining materials, is a good option for the temporary protection of elements when there is traffic or meetings of people outside the company in a space. Protecting the contact of these elements with people temporarily, you can avoid contamination of these elements.

Thanks to its adhesive tape, it is very easy to apply and remove.

protector film

Adhesive protectors

Our adhesive protectors allow to protect the floor and the walls in an easy, fast and safe way, adjusting to the forms easily by cutting to fit the necessary measures.

In addition to temporarily waterproofing the surfaces, preventing any liquid from seeping through, it offers added safety thanks to its non-slip treatment, and thanks to its thickness it prevents damage from falling objects.

adhesive protectors

Individual protection elements

In our PPE section we continue to offer individual protection elements, both for painting and maintenance professionals, as well as for different professionals from other sectors who require additional protection.

You will find from masks, professional gloves, protective divers, shoe covers, etc ...

professional personal protection

Protective covers

Protective covers are essential in workshops. What used to be a customer service gesture is now an essential gesture that provides safety, cleanliness and hygiene in the face of repair or maintenance work on the vehicle.

car protection covers


Covid prevention products

In addition to the protection products on display, now you can also find some elements of prevention against Covid (or other infectious agents). As face shields or hydroalcoholic gels, elements that have become essential in our day to day life and that have come to establish themselves as new daily protocols in any company or trade.

foot pedal gel dispenser


At Daevi we continue to offer you surface and personal protection products so that you can carry out your work in the safest and cleanest way possible.

Our team of innovation is constantly looking for new ways and alternatives that make your life easier. If you have any special needs in terms of protection and security, do not hesitate to send us your query. You will receive a response from our technical team.


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