DAEVI Celebrates 30 years of evolution

Daevi, founded in 1991, celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. Three decades, dedicated to masking and temporary protection, with a commitment to service, the environment, product customization and permanent innovation.

The origin was the incorporation of the Daevi Protector Film in the market, which was later patented. A product aimed at the final consumer of any sector of the industry related to painting, which allows to protect quickly and effectively what is not wanted to be painted. In those days the masked man was covering with newspaper. With evolution, we pioneered our film and tape product in most of the European market.

During the trajectory of these 30 years, different products have been developed, some of them being exclusive in the market. Likewise, Daevi has expanded into different sectors such as the automotive, railway, nautical, industrial, aeronautical and decoration sectors, becoming a benchmark in the market with more than 430 references.

Joan Ribot, CEO of Daevi since 1999, continues to maintain the line of quality, service and innovation that has always characterized the company.

In the past 2020, with the pandemic, there was no reduction in the workforce, indeed, new projects were started by which new people were incorporated. Basically for two main reasons. One, to continue to maintain quality in customer service and the other, to innovate and develop new products. Within the latter, the anti-covid line stands out with the development of a gel dispenser with exclusive characteristics in the market, to meet the needs of the market and contribute to curbing the spread of COVID19.

Daevi, aware of social differences, exercises his social responsibility and is committed to supporting different organizations. All the people who make up the team look after sustainability and the blue economy. Therefore, the products are focused on conserving the environment.  

The main strategic line of the company is to have people with the same purpose, which is to make easier the maintenance and painting work processes in the sectors mentioned above. Also, be a company with happy people. Yes, happiness has to be sought by the person, therefore, the human team that forms the company and that is selected, most of them women, have values and skills to achieve that purpose. Daevi: people.   

Daevi evolution

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