DAEVI QUICK MASK® masking film

Masking film with union of masking tape in rolls for a high quality masking work.

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How long have you been painting? You have always painted taking care of making a good work with professional finish. Daevi Quick Mask offers you, as a professional painter, the most efficient quick and clean protection system.

It consist in a HDPE polyethylene film roll with union of masking tape 80 degrees, which guarantees optimal results without leaving adhesive residue.

Exceptional properties of this polyethylene film allow to be cut without necessity of using any cutting tool, it can be just cut with the fingers.  This fact allow a substantial save of time when masking.

There are several sizes available in order you to choose the most suitable one depending on area measures you need to mask.

20cm x 25 m, 35cm x 25 m, 100 cm x 25 m, 180 cm x 25 m, 260 cm x 25 m.

Tape width in bigger rolls ( 100 cm, 120 cm, 180 cm and 260 cm ) is 24mm in order to assure better adhesion on large surfaces.

Its carton core designed for being hold with one’s own finger allows to unroll and apply the film easily.  

As film is properly folded, user can handle and carry the roll while he is working.  Film roll takes up little space, so it can be put in one’ s pocket.  

Thanks to the outer bag masking film is properly protected against dust or dirtiness avoiding any damage to the electrostatic treatment, which allows that film clings on masked surface.   

  • all sizes, except 120cm, 180cm and 260 cm

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