Discover how you can offer the best masking and protection products

Daevi is the manufacturer of masking products specialized in the temporary protection processes of professional sectors such as Automotive, Nautical, Rail, Aeronautical, Industrial or Construction.

Since 1991 we have been supplying and advising the most reputable professional distributors in the market, ranging from large multinationals to the retail.

In 2011, we were awarded as the most competitive microenterprise by PIMEC, recognition that has encouraged us to continue with our continuous improvement plan.



  • You will have specific products for masking and temporary quality protection.
  • All the products in the Quick Mask® range are made in Barcelona. 
  • You have the guarantee of a specialized manufacturer since 1991.
  • Added value with the personalization of the product with your brand or your client's brand.
  • We provide all the technical information regarding our products.


  • Support and cooperation in the initiatives of the distributor's area of influence.
  • Constant support from our technical-commercial department.
  • Advertising of the distribution company in our digital channels, spreading new projects and initiatives.
  • We provide technical and communication material.
  • We are always open to receive collaboration proposals from our distributors.
  • We encourage participation in events and fairs that promote the sector.
  • Direct communication with each person in charge of the company provides peace of mind in management.


  • For us, all professional distributors are the same, we advise and support all with the same professionalism.
  • The guarantee of our products is that we reward quality.
  • Personalized treatment based on trust and loyalty.
  • We respect the area of influence and the sector of the distributor. Direct requests to Daevi are forwarded to the nearest distributor.
  • We are prepared to adapt to your needs, we are flexible.
  • We buy raw materials from nearby suppliers versus international suppliers.
  • The barcode management guarantees the traceability of the product.

What are we looking for?

The first and most important COMMITMENT, betting on our brand, giving everything to establish yourself as a benchmark in your area and transmitting the value of Daevi products to both professional and private audiences.

WORKING IN COMMON, we want to work with you side by side to achieve the final objective: Customer satisfaction, loyalty, increased market share and maximization of profitability.

Keep a CONSTANT COMUNICATION with our distributors. That they transmit the customer's opinions, their needs and concerns to us will help us to make constant improvements in our production system.

PROFESSIONALISM. Must be introduced (or with the will and ability to do so) in the markets in which Daevi operates.

RIGOUR AND HONESTY. Key attitudes for a successful relationship.

Surrounding yourself with good partners is key to reaching your destination.

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