Study of the impact of COVID 19 in the Nautical Sector

On April 20, it was presented the first study of the impact of COVID'19 in the European nautical industry. A study, conducted by the Jade Wilhelmshaven University in Germany and boot Düsseldorf. For the study and to have more information about the situation, many companies from the nautical sector participated.
Putting aside the needs for naval companies at the political level, the first data that the report shows is positive for 2021 and beyond.
The prospects for companies in the nautical sector are considered positive for this year 2021 and only the 23% considers them bad.
The study was carried out by conducting interviews of which, the companies that responded, more than 96% were PIMES or micro companies.


The main interests revolve around new trends in digitization and environmental sustainability. Interest in navigation is positive, it is considered that it will increase in the short and long term.

Referring to revenue, a third of the companies that participated in the study saw an increase while more than half indicated a drop. The most affected companies were those whose highest income came from tourism and production.

Due to the previous point there were two scenarios, those that increased employment, which were a 22% while the 23% had to reduce workers.

The need for government support at national and European level for financial, legislative and advocacy support continues to be a recurring point.

See HERE The complete study published by ANEN, national association of nautical companies.

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