adhesive film for glass crystals

To guarantee the perfect performance of sheet glass during work processes (handling, maintenance, storage, transport, etc.), temporary protection is essential. For this, it is necessary to have films manufactured with specific characteristics for this application. Our adhesive film Makapro they can be cut, punctured, shaped with ease, while still adhering to the protected surface.

The Makapro film is a protector that is manufactured with different characteristics according to its final application, that is, according to the client's needs. Always, with the aim of protecting and removing easily and without leaving residue when removed.

We have adhesive film, in addition to glass or crystal, for different types of surfaces: smooth, metal, glass, rough, porous, textiles. And suitable for various environmental factors: humidity, high temperatures, contact with water...

In Daevi We offer temporary glass protection solutions from production, storage to installation. By protecting, we prevent the glass from scratching, picking up dirt or dust and improving safety.

We are specialists in temporary protection and for the masked since 1991, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will be happy to help you to meet your needs.

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