Foot pedal gel dispenser

foot pedal gel dispenser

A safe and clean dispenser for everyone

As has been shown, one of the essential processes to avoid the spread of Covid is constant hand cleaning and hygiene. For this reason, we have incorporated into our line Anti-Covid a hydroalcoholic gel dispenser that avoids manual contact and maintains a clean and safe space.

The Daevi Quick Gel Dispenser

This dispenser It has been designed to offer a series of advantages that make the day-to-day of companies and businesses that have a moderate flow of people in their facilities easier, providing fluidity in the passage of users.

We show you the different qualities that make it one of the best pedal dispensers on the market:


1 With dispenser pedal

Thanks to the soft pedal of the tower, the hydro-alcoholic gel is supplied avoiding manual contact, thus providing safety to the user.

Each press offers the right amount recommended for complete protection, 1.5ml.

Gel dispenser pedal

2 With anti-drip system

Its innovative anti-drip system prevents material from being wasted, keeping the space clean and without the need for a tray to collect excess gel.

drip dispenser

3 Easily refillable

It has a large capacity tank (2 liters) that allows economic savings thanks to the purchase of gel in a large format.

At Daevi we also supply the hydroalcoholic gel suitable in 5 liter format.

Easy dumping of the product inside through its lid with safety lock.

The design of the lid allows a view of the inside of the reservoir to know how much gel is left. It also has a safety lock.

dispenser lid with window

4 Self-supporting and resistant

It has great stability thanks to the dimensions of the base.

It is made of polyethylene and stainless steel, both recyclable materials.

The material is certified for food use and is antibacterial.

It has a high resistance to shocks and allows easy cleaning with a damp cloth and a soap or alcohol solution.

Weight: 8 Kgs

Dimensions: 30x30x94cm

centered office dispenser

5 Customizable

Its format and neutral color allow the insertion of your logo, brand or personalized message, thus providing a more corporate image.

custom dispensers



If you want to know more about this innovative product, do not hesitate to contact Contact with our technicians. They will provide you with all the information.

Here is a video demonstration of the ease and speed of use:

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