Advantages of the Daescreen Face Screen

Daevi, as a specialist in temporary protection, has incorporated in its catalog the Daescreen Facial Screen with which infections are avoided during any type of activity.

Face shields are a protective element against environmental risks in suspension, since they avoid direct contact with the face, that is why currently the authorities recommend this protection to prevent contagion.

Although it is not an EPI (Personal Protective Equipment), it is recommended to stop the spread of viruses. It also increases the effectiveness of the masks using it together.

This transparent face shield has CE certification and is authorized for food use so it complies with the regulations for professional use.


Know the advantages of using face screens in your daily or professional activities:

  • Quick assembly

It only takes 5 seconds to attach the bracket to the screen. Download the instructions.

  • Avoid splashes in eyes and face

Its screen prevents splashes from ending up on the surface of the face and eyes, whether it is against polluting agents or harmless elements.

  • Allows ventilation in comparaison of the glasses

Unlike protective glasses, also used to prevent splashing into the eyes, the screens allow ventilation of the entire face, which avoids discomfort.

  • Headband

It has a blue support in the form of a headband that fits perfectly to the head keeping the screen immovable.

  • Good optical quality

Its transparent screen allows a correct visualization of the space and the elements, without altering shapes or volumes.

  • Flexible and resistant material

The screen, made of 400 micron APET material, guarantees optimum resistance.

  • Easy Cleaning

Using alcohol and a cloth, the face shield is easily cleaned after each use.

  • Made in Barcelona

Being manufactured in Barcelona, it allows availability and guarantees compared to other screens. In addition to promoting the local economy.

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