Daevi's Achievements


1991: Foundation of Daevi as manufacturer and owner of international registered patent number 9200795 - Protector Film.

1999: Mr. Joan Ribot takes management of Daevi.

1999: We enter in French and Belgian markets, thanks to agreements with outstanding distributors, with whom we are still in collaboration at present.

2003: We enter in our neighbour country, Portugal.

2006: Starts distribution of Daevi Quick Mask protective film in Norway.

2009: Our production conquers the most eastern zone till moment, Turkey.

2010: We find business opportunities in Italy.

2011: Romanian market opens the door to Daevi.

2011: We receive the award of most Competitive Company of 2010, delivered by the hand of Mr. Artur Mas, The President of The Generalitat of Catalonia. Ceremony was organized by PIMEC, one of most representative business organization in Spain.

2012: United KingdomGermany and Austria welcome Daevi.

2015: We star market research in South Africa and strengthen links with Russia and Belarus.

2015: We launch our new homepage Daevi. We want to be more engaged with our clients, suppliers, partners and followers thanks to this open and interactive portal.