Solutions for paint booth maintenance

paint booth

To significantly increase the productivity of the workshop, a key action is to keep the walls of the paint booth clean.

When overspray and dust settle on freshly painted surfaces, they need to be removed, which means extra labor and increased costs. With ehe plastic with quick mask tape, of Daevi you cover the walls of the booth protecting them from paint spray.

Applied by a single person

Quick and easy application

Easy to remove without residue

Minimum waste volume

Reduction of cabin closing time for cleaning

Up to 2.60 m high once the layer is unfolded

Up to 25 meters in length

Cut with your fingers and perpendicularly

With the electrostatic properties of the quick mask tape roll, it will adapt perfectly to the surface.

The corona treatment that the plastic has will allow the drops of paint to adhere to the plastic without passing through.

It is also advisable to protect other work areas such as: table surfaces, paint scales or walls and floors of paint mixing rooms.

With this simple action you will avoid cleaning the cabin more regularly.

Do not forget that the most important thing is that the professional painter must be well protected. You can take a look at our section on personal protection. Here you can check different face masks to avoid breathing toxic particles. For all this, in Daevi we can advise you.

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