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Let's celebrate the achievements!

Let's celebrate the achievements!

Celebrating makes us happy and we must not reject it. Finishing a project, building customer loyalty, success stories, are reasons for celebration. We must be able to create an environment in which the happiness of the worker is notorious. With telecommuting, you can't meet your colleagues in the cafeteria, but why not ...

Take a look at the new Catalog

Take a look at the new Catalog

We present you the new Daevi catalog. Maintaining our strategic lines of innovation, we include new products to provide a protection solution. As always, we bet on the added value of our products. From our origin in masking products to the umbrella created in the field of protection in different sectors. We want to share with you the Product Catalog where you will find everything ...

Abrasive discs

Daevi & Norton Partners

TOGETHER, HEADING TO SUCCESS! What better than to have good partners to continue offering the best quality to the world of nautical refit. Norton, the world leader in abrasives for over 130 years, also relies on DAEVI. The 5 main reasons why Norton has chosen DAEVI PROFESSIONALITY Daevi is an expert company ...

foot pedal gel dispenser

Foot pedal gel dispenser

A safe and clean dispenser for everyone As has been shown, one of the essential processes to avoid the spread of Covid is constant hand cleaning and hygiene. For this reason, we have incorporated into our Anti-Covid line a hydroalcoholic gel dispenser that avoids manual contact and allows us to maintain a clean space and ...

Covid prevention products

Covid prevention products

We are launching our new Anti-Covid products web section aimed especially at professionals, companies and businesses looking for prevention products against Covid. At Daevi, as specialists in surface protection, we have also wanted to do our bit to make this new normal a simpler and safer job for everyone. The…

interior covers

The masked interior, essential

The Journal of Communication Workshops has had the collaboration and experience of Daevi to inform its readers about the special importance of the use of protective covers in workshops during the COVID context. In this issue, the magazine wanted to emphasize the use of masking and temporary protection products during…

bauhaus nautic and daevi

Bauhaus incorporates the Daevi brand in its catalog

The BAUHAUS brand introduced more than 50 years ago the DIY (Do It Yourself) concept with which it encouraged maintenance, repair and creativity work among handymen and DIY enthusiasts. It has several lines of products where anyone can give free rein to DIY: gardening, construction, decoration, automotive, nautical, ……


Nautical sector and Covid

We explain the prevention measures that must be taken in the nautical sector to avoid contagions in daily activity.

daescreen face display

Advantages of the Daescreen Face Screen

Daevi, as a specialist in temporary protection, has incorporated the Daescreen Facial Screen into its catalog, which prevents contagions during any type of activity. Facial screens are a protective element against environmental risks in suspension, since they avoid direct contact with the face, that is why currently the authorities ...

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