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Protect boats, motors, machines

Do you need to protect a machine, boat, engine...? Do you know the shrink film? Ideal industrial packaging to protect from external factors using a heat gun. Over time, Daevi has been adapting to the needs of the service's clients. Our specialization in masking and surface protection has made us pioneers in the market. In Daevi we…


Is it necessary to sand to paint a car?

To paint a car, one of the main steps, such as masking previously, is sanding. If we do not sand before, or it has been poorly sanded, the paint will not adhere well and will cause it to come off later or be flaky. To do this, the first thing we must do is sand the surface or, if…

adhesive film for glass crystals


To guarantee the perfect performance of sheet glass during work processes (handling, maintenance, storage, transport, etc.), temporary protection is essential. For this, it is necessary to have films manufactured with specific characteristics for this application. Our Makapro adhesive film can be easily cut, punctured, shaped, and at the same time…

duct tape


Duct tape is one of the best known and most versatile adhesive tapes. It is a repair band composed of 3 layers: The upper part, which is normally metallic gray, is made of polyethylene. In the center a very resistant mesh (different categories can be found) of natural fibers intertwined with each other; Y…

plastic with tape

Characteristics of the plastic with Quick Mask tape

To proceed with a good masking, your best ally is to have a product that facilitates the processes. We present the elements of the plastic roll with tape called Daevi Quick Mask. Electrostatic film: It is a high density polyethylene film. It contains some characteristics that allow the cut to be made vertically and…

paint booth

Solutions for paint booth maintenance

To significantly increase the productivity of the workshop, a key action is to keep the walls of the paint booth clean. When overspray and dust settle on freshly painted surfaces, they need to be removed, which means extra labor and increased costs. With the plastic with quick mask tape, from Daevi…

boat maintenance antifouling daevi

The Value of Antifouling

The importance of sailors for navigation is to carry out a good antifouling. The objective apart from prolonging the life of the boat is to ensure good navigation. Antifouling consists of carrying out a deep cleaning of the hull of the boat to later apply the paint called anti-fouling. The main objective is to prevent growth…


Thinking of painting a car?

The car is part of our day to day and therefore we want to have it in perfect condition. If you are considering painting a car, either for your own pleasure to rejuvenate it or to get it ready and take advantage of it before a sale, you will surely be interested in the following information. Our highest recommendation is that you count for the…

repair maintain ympaint boat

painting a fiberglass boat

Over time, so that your boat looks new and shines, you should not neglect to paint the fiberglass. You must get down to work and start restoring it to have it impeccable. If you decide to do it, you must follow the following steps and you will obtain a good result in your work…