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The 7 respiratory risks of the painter and how to avoid them

Do you know how to protect yourself from the health risks of permanent exposure of the products you work with? We explain the risks and how to prevent them.


UNIRAID 2018, the solidarity rally that offers an adventure to students

For yet another year, Daevi collaborates at UNIRAID 2018 by donating school supplies for schools in the villages where the rally takes place.


The 7 steps to paint an airplane

One of the longest-running painting jobs is painting an airplane. The size of the fuselage of an airplane requires many hours of dedication.


Maintenance of paint booths

To increase the functionality of the paint booths, it is necessary a correct periodic maintenance that extends its useful life. We give you some tips for maintenance of paint booths.


Polished stainless steel in nautical

Stainless steel polishing experts test IS POLISH and this is the result


The process of painting a car

We reveal how a car is painted in the factory. From color choice to scanning to fault detection.


The metals to be cleaned on a ship

On the boat there are many metal surfaces that must be cared for and maintained. Know the best way to care for the metals of any boat.

maintenance-of-a-teak-deck_9111 (1)

Maintenance of a teak deck

We explain the steps to take into account in the process of maintaining a teak deck.


Advantages of using the abrasive film on paper

Take note of our advice on the difference between using paper or film sandpaper to repair your body.

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