One of the best painter divers on the market

The correct one professional protection It is also one of our objectives, that is why in our catalog you will find the basic protection products to correctly protect the paint professional. Among them is the Paintex Painter's Diver, one of the most demanded by professionals.

Why is the use of EPIS necessary in the application of paints?

The human body is resistant, but when exposed to chemicals on a daily basis, it usually responds with warning alerts in the medium or long term. That is why, although they are not elements that affect us at first contact, they can affect our health through prolonged exposure.

The paint application involves being in contact with solid particles in suspension, breathing them can produce a respiratory tract irritationlung problems or you can even transfer to blood entailing a high risk for the organism.

The risk will increase according to the toxicity of the products used, the exposition to these products, the sensitivity from each worker to these components. To avoid these risks is the use of protective elements is necessary that these toxic components act as a barrier.

PPE for the painter

The use of solvents and thinners removes the layer of fat generated by the skin as a defense against possible external agents, so that by not protecting it, it is exposed to pathologies or diseases. The protection diver acts as a skin barrier and is an excellent Recommended PPE for any professional who is dedicated to sanding or painting work.

What qualities does the Daevi Paintex Protection Diver have?

Body and paint professionals know that the best protection ensures cleaner and safer work.

One of the most commonly used protection divers in sanding and painting work is the Daevi Paintex Diver by the technical characteristics that provide comfort and safety to the operator.

These are its main qualities:

  • Protection type 5 and 6: Against chemical spraying and against solid particles.
  • Antistatic: prevents specks of dust and suspended substances from resting on it, which prevents them from being transferred to the body later when painting.
  • With adjustable hood: wide adjustable hood that protects most of the head, prevents particles from settling on the scalp or entering the ears. It also prevents hair from posing on the body during the painting process.
  • Waterproof: Prevents the paint from penetrating the diver's material, thus fully protecting the operator's skin and clothing.
  • Highly breathable: Allows the passage of air to ensure that the skin breathes, reducing the heat inside and annoying sweat.
  • Protective flap: It has a flap over the zipper that provides more protection over the passage of components into the interior and keeps the double track zipper clean.
  • Resistant to abrasion and breakage: High resistance to rubbing, thus avoiding breaks in the fabric.
  • Elasticated hood, cuffs, waist and ankles: Thanks to the correct fit to the body, the passage of particles that remain in suspension is avoided.

paintex qualities

Complement this protection with Self-filtering masks, the Shoe covers and the Gloves that we offer in our catalog.

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