Our values

Daevi begins its international way in 1.992, the year of the Olympic Games in Barcelona,  being pervaded by its spirit. Since then, that values have marked our steps day by day. 

logo evolution

Real values: our products and service are addressed to people finding adjustment to the market and customer’s requirements. Constantly  B2B focused.

Jointly Projects: we search and find contributions for the common good, over the individual benefits.

Respect: we act honestly and observe good practice principle in all our actions, listening and accepting voices and opinions around us and adapting our  means to improvement.

Human team:  We firmly support people as our first priority, achievements and economic profit remain below.

Entrepreneurship:  We always look for faultless service and products, which allow us to be in the market position we want:  quality products suppliers and partner companions recognized by our know-how and innovation concern.

Environment: We strongly trust in going hand in hand with environmental protection as a usual way towards a global benefit.  We are convinced  that taking care of environment is looking after ourselves.

Commitment: Working in Daevi means to be linked to progress and act sincerely as base of our life and job philosophy.

Sharing:  We are convinced that contrasting different  points of view and freely expressing feeds wisdom.

Innovating: We invite and encourage  professionals to participate and give their opinion, and we spread their experiences and knowledge as a way for all of us to be more efficient.

Our desire is becoming the company that most contribute to stakeholder’s satisfaction. We want to be the supplier, the partner and the customer, who transmit confidence and positivism.