We prepare the 2nd Edition of the Refit Conference

Did you like the 1st Refit Conference? Then you can't miss the 2nd Edition of this Refit Day that this year will share space with the VII Logistics and Maritime Business Conference.

The organizers continue to be DaeviVarador 2000Cluster Nàutic Barcelona. In addition, in this second edition we have the experience of TecnoCampus Mataró and the Pompeu Fabra University

This time we extend the Conference to make it more complete with a duration from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., sharing two spaces: the TecnoCampus Mataró and Mataró Marina Barcelona.

This merger allows professionals and students to receive a broad vision of the sector that places the industrial subsectors of leisure boating, such as the construction and maintenance of boats, in the spotlight and analyzes the future opportunities that lie ahead. as to InnovationBlue Economy or the new Ports Law.

If you could not attend the First Refit Day, here is the link with the summary of the event and some mentions in the sector's media.

Summary I Refit Conference

Nautical Panorama

Barcelona Nàutic Cluster

Digital Nautical


Sail Boats Magazine

Yachting Pages

Thanks to the networking spaces of the first edition of the Refit Conference, synergies were created among the attendees and, as organizers, we were able to find out which topics are the most interesting for the professionals of the Nautical Refit.

Among these issues, interests in the Innovation within the sector, the Specific regulations and related topics great lengths. Many of the attendees suggested more spaces for networking, more round tables with Administrations and more connection between nautical industry and training.

We have analyzed these suggestions and based on them we have organized the second edition.

Stay tuned and do not miss the news that we will be publishing regarding the II Refit Conference.

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