Daevi Quick Gel Touchless Dispenser


The Daevi Quick Gel gel dispenser allows an easy, clean, fast application of hydro alcoholic gel without manual contact, thus guaranteeing a safe supply of gel between different users.

It is especially indicated for spaces with an influx of traffic such as shops, restaurants, hotels, service companies, health centers and public offices.

The main advantages over other dispensers are:

  • Anti-drip system that avoids unnecessary use of gel and keeps the floor where the dispenser is located clean.
  • Self-standing. Thanks to its robustness and self-stability, it provides anti-tipping security. Its height and pedal allow children to dispense the gel easily and safely, without splashing in the eyes.
  • Large capacity tank. It allows 2 liters of gel to be inserted inside it, so constant replenishment is not necessary. provides gel optimization, since each tank covers approximately 1.500 doses.
  • Sustainable. It is made of polyethylene and stainless steel, both recyclable materials. Thanks to its large capacity tank, it allows the purchase of hydroalcoholic gel in a large format, which means savings and less use of containers.
  • Security. Through its transparent lid you can see the amount of gel that remains in the tank, and through a security lock we prevent other substances from being introduced.

We also supply the Hydro Alcoholic Gel in large format to contribute to savings.


Download here the Daevi Quick Gel Dispenser Presentation


Discover in this video the ease, speed and safety with which hydroalcoholic gel is applied:

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