Transparent face shield that prevents contact with splashes on the face and eyes.


Transparent face screen that prevents contact of splashes on the face and eyes.

Face shields are a protective element against environmental risks in suspension.They avoid direct contact with the face, that is why currently the authorities recommend this protection to prevent contagion.

Although it is not an PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), it is recommended to stop the spread of viruses. It also increases the effectiveness of the masks using it together.

This transparent face shield has CE certification and is authorized for food use so it complies with the regulations for professional use.

Some of its advantages are:

  • Allows ventilation in front of protective glasses, greater comfort
  • Clamp headband keeps display stable
  • Good optical quality, without changing shape or volumes
  • Flexible and resistant material
  • Easy cleaning, with a cloth and alcohol
  • Made in Barcelona, better guaranteeing its supply and enhancing the local economy.

The screen is disassembled to ensure cleaning during the packaging process. Even so, it is recommended to clean it with a cloth moistened with alcohol or hydroalcoholic gel before putting it on.

Its quick assembly only requires 5 seconds. Download the simple assembly instructions.





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