Sanding Stripes TSAR

TSAR velcro support sanding stripes, with zirconium abrasive for car body repair with power sander.

Taxes included

Due to the high quality of zirconium allows high cutting power and long life TSAR strip.

Available sizes:

  • 70x198mm 8 holes

  • 70x420mm 14 holes

  • 115x230mm 10 holes

Suitable for:

- Dry sanding.

- Sanding of old paint, fillers and stoppers.

- Sanding and finishing of fillers, stoppers and primers.

- Sanding and finishing of composite materials.

- Sanding and finishing of wooden surfaces and wood coatings.

- Sanding and finishing of walls, drywalls and fillers.

- Grip-system backing pads and hand blocks.

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