Shrink-wrap cover HEATCOVER

Shrink-wrap cover HEATCOVER gives protection during yacht transport and winter storage and creates a proper sheeting structure for marine paint and refit projects.

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What benefits does HEATCOVER system provide?


  • Extra-widht size avilable, until 16 meters. It is possible to cover superyachts applying only one sheet.
  • Bidirectional contraction. Total encapsulation, being kept smooth and tense both horizontally and vertically. Keeping the film tense for long time.
  • Easy and complete sealing. Adaptable to heterogeneous surfaces.
  • Flexible and multi-purpose film as temporary refit or paint shelter, prevention against environmental elements during transport and storage.
  • High UV protection
  • Long life durability: 18-24 months, if film has no damages.
  • Excellent mechanical resistance and tear strenght.
  • High cost-efficiency. Lower investment with respect to the use of canvas covers.



8x50 mts          200 microns         TRD300850

12x50mts         200 microns         TRD301250


Download here the Guide How to Shrink-wrap a boat

Download here the Technical Data Sheet