The most read of 2019 in Daevi

The vast majority of our followers are interested in the automotive, nautical and maintenance of the surfaces to be treated, so the ranking of the most visited articles on our blog in 2019 have been:

Maintenance of paint booths

In this article we explained the 6 advantages of using a paint booth in the painting processes, and we mentioned the different maintenance jobs that a paint booth needs to extend its useful life.

paint booth maintenance

Maintenance of a teak deck

In this article we expose the qualities of natural teak for the deck of a boat, we list the products necessary to perform its maintenance and we complemented the steps to follow to maintain the teak deck. 

teak deck maintenance

How to care for the metals and chrome of a motorcycle

Two-wheel motor lovers have also been interested in how to protect metals from their means of transport. Therefore, the article where we explained the elements of the motorcycle necessary to clean for proper maintenance has been one of the most read.

This article also explains in 3 steps how to shine the metals and chrome of the motorcycle, as well as the difference between polishing and polishing.

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